COnverting Audio Equipment Voltage From 110 to 220

I have numerous audio devices that I plan to take with and use in Germany. Years ago when I first entered into the audio business I could purchase audio in the military audio retail clubs. There, they sold almost exclusively audio equip with user-switchable voltage. I knoe that these items also were built to handle 50/60 Hz where applicable. I wish to know if I can purchase the internal transformer for my AVR receiver, tube amp, tube CD, SACD player, etc.
Best bet would be to contact the manufacturers/service centers of the respective equipment, and see if OEM replacement transformers are available for 220V service. Then again- You might see about a large step-down transformer to take with you.
A lot of power transformers are built with dual primary windings. You put them in parallel for 120V and series for 240. Some even have taps for 100V Japanese power.

Look inside your equipment and see what's in there. For example some Adcom amps have a small board with terminals for 100/120/240 - you just replace the power cord and fuse.

Four wires connecting the power cord and transformer would be another clue.
manufactuer must do if the UL warrant is to surive, otherwise you can have a major fire.
Any one suggest me the best voltage converter?
Is PS AUDIO making these kind of product!!!