Convert Sony blu-ray player Coaxial to RCA

It seems all the new Sony Blu-Ray players have a coaxial digital output for audio and I need a RCA output so I can connect the Sony player to my Ayre AX-7e amplifier. It seems that all of the newer blu-ray players have coaxial cable output for the audio (and not RCA). In my case, I am using HDMI to get the video to my TV and want to take the audio directly into my Ayre AX-7e amplifier.

I found the Fosmon Digital Optical Coax to Analog RCA Audio Converter Adapter. This device coverts coaxial to RCA. See (you might need to copy and paste this into Safari, etc):

Will this work? Does anyone have another solution?

I am taking the audio from my cable box into the Ayre amplifier (RCA to RAC) and want to do the same wit the blu-ray player.
This is jut a cheap DAC. Digital in - Analog out.
I would get something else. The absence of analog outputs suggests that Sony was too cheap to put a dac in the unit. Theres plenty of other options.
First check if the Blu-Ray player has an option to output digital PCM. If it only outputs Dolby Digital, you'll need something like the Gefen GTV-DD-2-AA. No idea how the Gefen sounds. Or you could purchase an Oppo 103 which has analog RCA outputs and supports HDMI-ARC.
Sony may have decided the market for Blu-ray players is HDMI to an AVR or processor, with the analog market being too small to bother with. This is especially true for mch with its need for multiple analog cables.

For analog output, an Oppo 105 would be better than a 103. For digital output it doesn't matter.

Agreed. Over the last few weeks, I discovered that most, if not all, new blu-ray players do not have RCA jacks on the back of the unit. I did not know the reasons. As noted above, it seems, most connections are being made using HDMI.

I am not longer looking for a Digital Optical Coax to Analog RCA Audio Converter Adapter as I mentioned above.