Consumer Electronics Show,8-12 Jan. 2004 Las Vegas

Some questions:
Can the general public attend this?
Is is worth attending?
Can you listen to various high quality systems?
Any information or experiences you may have would be helpful.
Yes, the general public can attend but I think you'll need to produce some kind of information that shows you have an affiliation with a related company or sponsor. It doesn't mean you have to work for them. Sometimes a friend in the industry might be able to procure a pass for you. One of my clients happens to be Sony Pictures Television. When I arrived at the CES Alexis Park check in area, they saw my SPT ID and signed me right up. So even though I didn't work for Sony Electronics I was let in.

The high end segment of the show is probably going to be at the Alexis Park Resort which is apart from the LV Convention which houses the main CES trade show and away from the Adult Expo which also is held during this time.

Is it worth it? Only you can decide after attending once. I went for the first time last January and had a great time, especially in the Blue Circle room. I was also able to see, touch and listen to all the gear I'd only read about.

You'll have the ability to see many high quality systems, but show conditions aren't the best acoustically. First, all the rooms are basically hotel suites with the bed removed. Systems are set up so that multiple people can listen at the same time. And you can often have lot's of conversation and outside noise intruding during an audition. Acoustically, the atmosphere isn't ideal, but if you're lucky to enter a well planned room when no one else is around you might be able to get a decent feel for the equipment.

Check out this link:

Good luck and have fun!
Ditto much of what Gunbei said. My first was 2002 and I had a similarly great time. Even better than the toucvhing and listening (which is compromised in most rooms) was the accessibility to meet and talk with the designers. Most were very approachable, especially earlier in the show before they're worn down a little. BTW, THE Show (high-end audio) will be at the San Remo, I believe.
It's worth doing once in your life. Probably not again unless you are in the industry.
It has more of an industry orientation than the Stereophile show, but is still wonderful. Definitely check out the competing "THE" show at the San Remo when you are there.
I checked into that THE Show stuff.
THE Show has once gain located right next door to the Alexis Park. (the fireworks are fun to watch! The CES hates that, but they are responsible for creating the conditions that led to the Rebel show...) Most of THE Show exhibits will be at the St. Tropez, but some of the big "prestige" exhibits will still be at the San Remo, on the ground floor. There will be a shuttle bus from the St. Tropez to the San Remo