Conrad Johnson Premier 17LS2 Preamp Tube Questions


I recently acquired a CJ 17LS2 preamp and have some tube questions.

1. How does one know what pair of tubes are for the right channel and what pair of tubes are for the left channel?

2. Can you replace just one tube from each pair to achieve a sound change or do you have to replace both tubes in the pair? My PrimaLuna Dialogue Preamp has three tubes on each channel but you only have to change one of the three on each side to change the sound. Just thought I should check before spending too much money.

3. If you only need top replace one from each pair, which one should it be?


Hi Scott,
I used to own the Premier 17LS2 and although I did once know the answer to that question, I can't recall with certainty the order of the tubes. I was able to acquire that information by calling Conrad Johnson customer service, the man there (Ed, I believe) was very helpful and was able to answer my questions.
You can just change two of the four tubes as long as its the first tubes in both left and right channels, or the second tubes in each channel. You just need to buy tubes to change the sound in the direction you want to go, then experiment with the first vs second tube locations.

Hope that helps,