Connecting PD65 to Theta gen. l

Being new in the field, I am asking those of you who've been there to coach me a little bit.Very simple.What cables do I need to connect these units,using the PD65 as a transport.I heard about toslink etc.,I have no clues.
Go coax digital.--assumes that is an option.
You will need a single cable for the digital data stream. conventional wisdom says that toslink optical is the least desirable, but you may want to experiment. Possible options include a co-ax with an RCA or BNC connector, a toslink optical, ST/ATT glass optical, and AES/EBU (same connector as a balanced/XLR cable). Then the analog signal would be passed from the dac to the pre-amp via an RCA or XLR R and L pair.
I owned the PD-65 for quite a while. It's an excellent and inexpensive transport. As I recall, you have a chioce of coax. digital out (basically, a single RCA cable) or Toslink out. I would go with the coax. You should be able to find a very good 1 mtr. digital coax. cable here on Audiogon for less than $150 and a decent one for a lot less.