Connecting 2 ch amp with home theatre receiver

I have Rowland Synergy 2i with bypass switch and would like to connect this to a home theatre receiver like the NAD Tivo two. I would like to check if this is possible and how does and if so how do I connect it. My objective is to simply use the stereo speakers which are connected to preamp for the home theatre. Thanks
Here is what the Synergy manual says about theater bypass:

"BYPASS rocker switch: Momentarily pressing the upper section of
the BYPASS rocker switch enables the rear panel BYPASS inputs. The
overall gain of the preamplifier remains fixed at 0 dB (unity) gain. All
other preamplifier functions are disabled except for record functions. All
previously selected front panel lamps are not illuminated with the
exception of the BYPASS and selected RECORD input lamp. Pressing the
lower section of the BYPASS rocker switch or selecting any other Listen
input will restore normal operation. The previously selected LISTEN
Input lamp is illuminated and the BYPASS lamp is not illuminated."

You can download the Synergy manual at:

Thank Guido. On a separate subject I know from here that you're using the Rowland 312 amp. Did you have a chance to compare this with the Rowland 501's. I have a pair of 501 with another pair of PC1's. I am interested to know what would one get if I decided to go with the upgrade. I got some information that the 312's have 2 pair of 501's inside, PC1 and of course significantly better and larger power supply.
Hi Dtanclim, I have been able to compare the 312 directly against a pair of 501 without PC-1s and the difference was very significant in favor of 312. . . similar authority and staging. . . but a great deal more refined, emotional, sweet in treble and more pitched in bass. I have some 3rd party verbal reports that the 312 also exceeds the musicality of the 501 monos augmented by a pair of PC-1s, but have not verified this myself. I know 312 has a more sophisticated regulated power supply than the 501s and much better transformers for coupling input and outputs. Internal output voltage of the 312 is 128 volts. . . I do not know the corresponding voltage of 501, but it is likely to be lower. 312 uses Lundahl transformers and has protection circuits in the outputs to prevent damage in case of shorts in speaker wire leads. The 312 contains twin PFC circuits for a total of 1500W capacity. Have you read my sidebar article on the 312 on issue 188 of TAS? It is part of my longer article on the Vienna Mahler speakers. GUido