Concertos w/ REL Strata III or Grand Piano

Looking for opinions on which you would choose between the two setups provided above. Either setup is be used exclusively in a 2-channel music room.

They would be used with the following components:

Rotel RC-1070 Preamp
Rotel RCD-1070 CD Player
Rotel RB-1070 2x130 Power Amp
Kimber Kable PBJ Interconnects
Monster M2.2 speaker cables

Any comments/opinions would be appreciated.
Hello Shoe11,

I would go with the Concertos and the REL Strata III. With the Concertos you have a wonderful monitor that will reproduce excellent highs and sweet mids. The amp will drive them very well if it does not have to extend any extra juice for the bottom octaves. The dynamics will increase and there will be an ease with which the amp will help the speakers reach high output levels and still sound clean and listenable. The Rel Strata III is a superb sub that integrates virtually unnoticed and has the slam and finesse to handle both music and movies. Not to mention how easy it is to set up the sub for music. You can use the Nutrick speakon cable straight from the speaker binding posts from the amp, so the sub gets the exact signal the main speakers receive. The Rel sub will also help extend and focus the soundstage. That's why the Rel ST series are considered some of the top subs on the market. If possible, get both set ups in your system and hear for yourself. I know that could be difficult but it is the only way to be sure. Good luck and happy hunting.....John

I did go ahead and purchase the REL Strata III today and I'm also having the Concertos brought in so that I can audition them in my listening room. I really like their sound, but I want to try them in my environment before I make my final decision.

Thanks for your comments.