Sax, piano, guitar recommendations

I realize many of you are into classical, jazz, rock, etc, but I could listen to instrumental sax, guitar, and piano non stop. I have the common Kenny G, Jim Brickman, Chris Botti stuff. Also love the Clapton/BB King CD. Any recommendations of music that might fit either of these genres? Great voices or instruments- but not classical, opera, or traditional jazz. When in a rental I listen to watercolors. Thanks in advance. 
Gene Ammons and Ben Webster on sax

Bill Evans on piano

Kenny Burrell Earl Klugh Joe Pass Emil Ernebro on guitar

Best of luck 

Danny Gatton: 88 Elmira St. An album of guitar-driven instrumental music by a master of the Telecaster.

Bill Frisell: Guitar In The Space Age. Same as above.

The Hellecasters: Escape From Hollywood. A fantastic instrumental album by a trio of Telecaster players---John Jorgenson from The Desert Rose Band, session guitarist Will Ray, and Jerry Donahue of Fairport Convention fame. The album is dedicated to Danny Gatton, who at the time of the album’s released had just committed suicide.

Evan Johns: Moontan. Evan was in a band with Gatton in their younger days, then wrote songs, sang, and played rhythm guitar on Gatton’s 1978 Redneck Jazz album. He then had his own career as a band leader (Evan Johns & The H-Bombs), having three albums released by Rykodisc.

Moontan is an album of instrumental songs alternated with ones with vocals by Evan, his band on the album being an instro trio out of Southern California, The Hillbilly Soul Surfers (one album available). The band’s drummer left to join Los Straitjackets (on bass) in the mid-90’s, whereupon I took my place on the drum throne. It is that lineup that accompanies Evan on the album, which is a real hoot. Recorded in Atlanta, all first takes. No rehearsals, either!

Familiar with Ry Cooper but not Marc Ribot. That is Fantastic. I have the Missouri Sky CD. Great stuff. Many thanks.
Just recently been digging into the Tubby Hayes - sax, with Louis Stewart - guitar, sessions.  Really digging their vibe and synergy in the 1969 "Lost Fontana Sessions" found not so long ago.  Been streaming it on Qobuz.  
"Instrumentals ’R’ Us" so, happy to share.

Andy Summers - Earth + Sky
(You might not find the sax here but it’s in the spirit of what you are asking for.)

Bill Bruford’s Earthworks -
Random Acts of Happiness
The Sound of Surprise
A Part, And Yet Apart

Bill Connors - Return

Bob Berg - The JazzTimes Superband
(...and you might not find the guitar here)

Chick Corea Elektric Band II - Paint the World
(You will find all elements here.)

Several w/Michael Brecker as session leader...
Michael Brecker (self-titled)
Don’t Try This At Home
Now You See It....
Tales from the Hudson
Two Blocks from the Edge

Yellowjackets -
A Rise In The Road
[Don’t care much for smooth jazz (your Kenny G gave me pause ;-) but absolutely need compositions with a melodic foundation. Some might argue YJ discs fall into the SJ category, but I’d say not, for the most part, these two.]

Hoping at least some of these are new to you.

Just finished listening to the Hodges and Hines lp Swings our Thing don’t think you’ll find better players. No guitar but great listening.
The Chet Baker is really great. Totally unfamiliar with him. Listening to James Taylor New Moon Shine right now. 17 degrees outside. Good afternoon for some soul warming music. Thank you. 
I expected the Kenny G to raise a few eyebrows. I have about 1200 CDs almost all from 80s and 90’s. My wife and I went to one of his concerts- He may have been with Michael Bolton (it was like going to a chick flick) but full disclosure I thoroughly enjoyed myself. 
Thanks to all. 
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@ovinewar - 
Found the Bruford interview.  Good stuff.  Thanks.

While on the subject of Bruford, add his, "If Summer Had Its Ghosts" w/Ralph Towner & Eddie Gomez.

For that matter, add Towner's "Solstice" with Jan Garbarek, Eberhard Weber & Jon Christensen.  This is the recording that first turned me on to ECM.
So good to hear folks mention Danny Gatton! Touched by the hand of the Creator for sure. Recently got "Monk In Motian" with Paul Motian, Joe Lovano, and Bill Frisell. Great stuff. Geri Allen plays piano on some cuts Joe's stuff with John Scofield is worth seeking out also. Peace.
While I have a number of Kenny G albums I still like playing a track or two every now and then. Wife was the fan until I was talked into going in to the Blue Note (NYC) where he used to be there every year right before the holidays (Now Chris Botti). Caught him several times there and always enjoyed the show. SJ, absolutely, but sometimes it is just what the doctor need to analyze, just kick back and enjoy...a glass of vino helps..  

Dave Brubeck Quartet---Take Five
Eva Cassidy---Live At Blues Alley
      my favorite vocalist  (her group is also awesome)
Michael Franks---Time Together
Gregory Porter---Be Good
Eric Clapton--Unplugged

All are very fine sounding albums also.  Eva and Gregory are 2 multi winning Grammy winners that actually deserved it for vocalists.

I own a Michael Franks CD- Goodwill find - and I have Clapton unplugged. Thanks for the heads up.  
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