Comparison of solid state and tube DAC

I m looking to upgrade my DAC and is considering the following DAC : Reimyo DAP 777, Accustics Art Mk iv and Audio note 3.1 balanced. Inclined towards audio note simply because its tube DAC and I m mainly using my digital source ( with orpheus lab zero transport) for vocal and jazz . As for classical music,I prefer my vinyl Raven AC. Any feedback is much appreciated. Thanks and happy listening
Audio Note 3.1 balanced.
Audioblazer, take a look at my review of the Accustic Arts reference Tube Hybrid DAC here on the GON. I have in the past auditioned a higher level Audio Note DAC then the 3.1, and found the AA Tube Hybrid to significantly out perform it in my system. I have also auditioned/owned the solid state Accustic Arts DAC, replaced with Tube Hybrid, and the Reimyo and believe that the Tube Hybrid is still on a higher level then either of these very good DACS.
Teejay, I did read your review. AA tube hybrid is at a price point I m not willing to spend on my digital player which I dont use so often except for convenience and occasionally for music I cant get in vinyl which is my main source. By the way how do you rate the 3 DAC I mentioned since you have tried all 3. Thanks for feedback anyway