Comparing two integrated's...

I just purchased a pair on Spendor A6's to go in my main room (23'x19'). My electronic are a PS Audio PerfectWave Transport and DAC driving a PS Audio Trio 100 watt class D amp. I want to replace the Trio with an integratd amp of at least 100 watts. My three prime candidates are...

Primare I30
Musical Fidelity M6i
Creek Destiny

The Primare is probably my first choice based on reading (I'm hundreds of miles from any dealers). It recently won a group test in Hi Fi news and I'm convinced its the one to buy. There are no reviews on the Musical Fidelity M6i yet, but I feel this 200 watt integrated may do better with my room size. Has anyone listened to the M6i. I'm curious if it can match the Primare sonically. As always, your views and opinions are welcome.
I haven't heard the MF integrated.

I really want to like Primare, but I just can't get into it. It does everything very well, but it just sounds way too cool and distant to my ears. Not cold and harsh.

Creek sounds more forward, up front, and warmer. I like it's presentation far better, but that's a preference thing.

I haven't heard the PS DAC, so I'm not sure about system synergy.
Reviews are useful but my experience tells me never to trust reviews if you are able to listen to the gear or equipment personally to determine whether it will suit your listening preference. My latest amp I bought received excellent reviews by 6Moons and TonePublications but it lasted less than 8 months in my system.

I have not listened to any of the three amps that are listed above but know of a person who uses Naim amplification on his Spendor A6. If I were to choose one out of the three I would pick the Creek Destiny. From what I read here in the forums the Creek sounds closer to the Naim with a more forward and dynamic sound. The Primare will be warmer and laidback, just as what Kbarkamian had described. You might want to choose an amp based on your musical preference.
Add the Anthemn 2 channel integrated to your shortlist.Of the above however, the Primare would be my choice too.
Don't have advice, but I would like to know what changes you noticed when you first used the PSA transport.