I recently bought three new Classic pressings, all 200g titles: Norah Jones; Diana Krall; and Tull's Aqualung. All were defective. In examining the vinyl I noticed a threadlike discoloration which was literally stitched into the vinyl. When the stylus runs over this, both channels distort rendering the passage unlistenable. Clearly, Classic is not using virgin vinyl and some form of foreign matter is being added. Dare I consider this might be the labels from old LPs recycled? Anyone else notice this or have similar experience?
the tull album is out already?
The Q/C and vinyl quality from Classic Records (RTI) has gone notably downhill in the last couple of years. This has been discussed here, on VA and on other forums. When asked about this, the owner of their largest retail outlet routinely shrugs and walks away. Consistent high quality is not one of his priorities.

It certainly wouldn't surpise anyone if your explanation were correct, and it wouldn't be the first time either. RCA included recycled vinyl in their Dynagroove "improvements" in the early 1960's, to name one of the more notorious examples.

Return them for replacement. If the replacements prove defective, return those too. If we accept garbage they'll keep making it - and selling it.


P.S. I have a Chesky LP with slivers of red (label?) paper pressed into the vinyl. One corner is actually sticking up above the record surface. Your experience is not unique, unfortunately.
...and its quite good, although I must say, the Kevin Gray/Steve Hoffman reissue of Yes' Fragile (Analouge Productions)which I bought at the same time, is completely off the charts. Heart of the Sunrise is spectacular.
As Doug mentioned, Classics/RTI vinyl issue is well documented, Ive bought and returned Kralls LP well as one Norah Jones..It cd for me with any Classics recordings unfortunately.

Doug, funny, but I never had a problem with my RCA "Dynagroove" vinyl, even though it is incredibly lightweight and flimsy!

Stew, the older Japanese pressing of the YES "FRAGILE" vinyl is quite good as well!
Hi Fatparrot,

DynaGROOVE records were lighter than Shaded Dogs, but they were still around 110-120g - reasonable. It was only during the later DynaFLEX era that RCA's records got truly flimsy, under 80g in many cases.

Regarding poor quality vinyl, to be fair I should have said "some" Dynagrooves. Like you I have Dynagrooves which are nicely silent. Others have general background noise that resists all cleaning and which I can only attribute to poor quality vinyl.

That cost-cutting, "they won't hear the difference" mind shift which drove lighter record weights, dynamic compression and frequency balancing for low-volume/low-fidelity playback presumably also drove a move to lower cost materials.

My copy of "Fragile" is also extremely good, and minty too. (Yes, Doug actually owns a rock record. Who knew?!) I wouldn't think of replacing it, but it's great there's a well mastered new release for those who need one.
Same experience. I had a Thread about it, too:

Records without ticks, pops ....
If they would just slow down the pressing process a little and let the damn biscuit settle into the stamper a bit longer, all that surface noise would go away. I know time is money but just a bit longer will help. I have several Classic releases that have noise on the outer/lead in part of the groove and this is symptomatic of that very problem.

What's the damn hurry Classic Records?
I don't buy anything from Classic records period! Who wants to spend 30.00 for a bad sounding record!
yes..the japanese import of fragile still rules. no bass adjustments..the original mix intact.
I played "Heart of the Sunrise" today. I can categorically state that this re-issue is without a doubt the single most miraculous re-issue which I have ever heard. The kick drum literally sounds as if the walls of the speaker have been kicked. The air, placement of instruments and realism is spectacular. Chris Squire's bass is titanic. I would be curious to hear from someone who has compared the AP to the Japanese, because I cannot imagine anything could be better than this.
The ORIGINAL UK plum/red Atlantic is still the very best of "Fragile". The AP is the pressing of choice of one doesn't want to search for a stone mint copy of the plum/red/ IMHO, and all that, of course. Both best the all three of the Japanese versions I've heard.

Like Doug, I have a several 70's issues with paper embedded in the vinyl (re-cycling effprts during the energy crisis).

Funny the RCA Dynagrooves. I recently obtained a sealed copy of a Japanese quadraphonic LP that had the Dynagroove label but it was pressed on 180gr vinyl. It seemed SO odd to see that label and to hold the record on each edge WITHOUT it sagging in the middle! :0)
i have both versions, and don't get me wrong the u.s. reissue sounds good. it does, however have that exagerrated upper bass that most reissue engineers feel is necc to make it sound contemporary....not a bad thing, just not the real thing.
4yanx, be thankful that your pressing only contained paper shreds; some actually had small pieces of wire from the wire burnishing wheel used to remove the label. Also, aren't the UK colored pressings rather pricey? I know that some of the Island plum pressings from other groups bring in top dollar [or pound sterling!], and are well worth it, from what I've been told.

Also, what do you mean by the "AP" pressing..forgive my ignorance.

05-21-07: 4yanx
Funny the RCA Dynagrooves. I recently obtained a sealed copy of a Japanese quadraphonic LP that had the Dynagroove label but it was pressed on 180gr vinyl. It seemed SO odd to see that label and to hold the record on each edge WITHOUT it sagging in the middle! :0)
That's cuz the really thin ones were Dynaflex, not Dynagroove. They're both RCA and it gets confusing.
"AP" Analogue Productions