Comments on the new Wadia 301 CD Player

The current issue of Stereophile has a full page ad on the new Wadia 301 CD player. Does anyone have any comments or opinions on this new unit? thanks
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The Wadia 301 will be at CES next week. Yes...the product has been made Jab...your theory is wrong.
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I love it when people don't spell check...and yes your theory is still wrong.
I love it when someone asks a simple question and can't get any information because 2 members are bickering about moot details.
My local Retailer suggests I audition the unit when they get one. He also states "the fastest moving technology is digital". He believes the Wadia 301 to be quicker, quieter and more defined than the older CD units. I am waiting for them to receive a demo Wadia 301 unit.