comments on the new accuphase sacd duo.

I have just installed the new accuphase 800/801 in my system replacing the emm/se combo.The accuphase sound for sacd is just outstanding,obviously the system is not broken in ,however the sound is just beyond my most optimistic expectations.The bass reproduction,the impact openess are outstanding,and NO harshness whatsover.For once I am happy with my acquisition.I have also added the DG-38 digital room and voice equalizer,however although connected I have yet to make use of it as I am bad at reading manuals and I am afraid I will have to force myself or find someone to help me.
The Innersound KW monos also made a big difference in the lower frequency ie.bass response.The loreley speakers are x-overed at 180hz,and have an impedence of about 4ohms,that particular version of the loreley have four 12in woofers per side and respond down to 18hz.The innersound monos put ouit 2000 watts at that impedence.With YBA passion 1000 amps the bass was not great was good but not outstanding impact,the accoustic reality 1001 monos did not do much better,however the Innersound KW are a perfect much,fast rise time,audible response all the way down to 20hz(using stereofile test cd).
I think I am assymptotically approaching nirvana.
What do you think of the Accuphase DG-38?
I have recently moved the Accuphase combo to my bedroom system(can be seen under system) Used the DG-38 to do the room correction,a very easy procedure.The room is difficult and the adjustment was magical.As for equalization it is not as user friendly for me anyway as the Cello Audio Palette.I am sure if one is very patient one can achieve the same results as the Cello,but it will be a real challenge.