Comments on Mctinosh C500T Preamp

Am interested in what owners of the Mcintosh C500T Preamp (This is the tube version) think of this unit. Not interested in suggestions for alternate preamps or comments from non owners of the C500T. This is a fully balanced preamp and I am especially interested in comments from people using it with not fully balanced amplifiers. I am thinking of upgrading from the Mcintosh C2200. I am using a MC2102 tube power amp.
I was surprised how much better it was than my MX119 or direct from my MCD500. I did not tell my wife that I had put it I place and she asked what did you do, things sound so much better.
Frepec went from C46 to C500T.

One of several things that stand out in C500T is the soundstage and low noise floor. In my previous audio room, I was able to achieve a great soundstage where instruments had depth in a not so great small room. With a low noise floor you can here more of the music, especially on solo recordings.

While very pleased with the C500T; I did opt to roll the tubes with a much more expensive tube to increase the micro details; and switched out fuses. This combination of changes led to more details, wider soundstage and more depth.

Hope that helps.
I went from a BAT VK-31SE to the C500T. Sonically, this is an excellent pre-amp. However, it is a very complex machine that does not offer a plug-in-and-play experience. Additionally, I also had problems with one of the umbilical cords that connects the two chasis (replaced at a cost of $120). Since those initial headaches, I have been very much enjoying my three years with the C500T. And it adds an absolutely stunning visual to your system!
Thanks to those who responded. Your comments are a big help in making my decision whether to buy this unit or not.