Comments: James Floorstand S103 S83 Bookshelf ?

I'm thinking of going back to box speakers and have always loved the sound of the Aerial 7B's, although I'm intrigued by the JAMES line of speakers. If anyone has heard any of them and would care to comment or compare against the Aerials I would appreciate it.
I'm starting from scratch from two channel to surround.
I'm open to any and all comments.
Thank You
Have not heard the Aerials, I do have a James center center channel speakers flanked by two VSA 4jr's. But my experience with the James is very good. Sound and built quality are excellent.
I have heard both and own (for sale here)the previous versionof the S103s, Grand Symphonic 10s with a 83 center from James. They sound great! More bottom than the Aerials and smoother on the highs. The Aerials are a fine speaker as well, but for the twice the price. I would keep them, but moved and my room is way to small for them.