Commentary on McIntosh Digital Products?

I am intersted in hearing testimony on the sound quality of McIntosh digital products from those who have lived with any of thier recent CD players......thanks,
I have an MCD841 CD/DVD player that I've been using as a CD player. In my system the high end sounded more strident than I liked, so I am now using it solely as a transport and feeding the digital output to a vacuum tube-based Kora Hermes DAC. The good news is that it sounds better that way. The bad news is that the experiment tempted me into replacing everything else in my system with tube-based electronics...

I have a 7008 changer that I only use as a transport with the Kora Hermes DAC . It is really a lot better sounding that way. I have not heard a Mac CD player that I feel gives digital a good sound as a player. I would like one to really come through because I am a Mac man most all the way. I too am hooked on the tube sound with the Kora. I just added the C2200 preamp and use the tube phono preamp built - in unit over my Plinius phono. Sorry I am getting off the subject.
I Have a MCD-751 transport and MDA-700 D to A and it sounds excellent to me. Very smooth, very detailed and transparent. My last player was a Linn CD-12, and while the Mac is very different from the Linn, I enjoy it just as much. I am using it with Mac 2200/2102 and Quad 989's.
What do you think about the McIntosh MCD205 Cd player? I heard it at HE 2003 and plan to listen to it again.
After months of looking, I finally purchased the McIntosh MCD205 CD player from the House of Music in San Francisco. It is running balanced into my Bow Wazoo integrated amp with Sonus Faber Grand Piano speakers (older model) and it sounds excellent. Of course, it is still breaking in, but so far, it sound great. Regarding the McIntosh MA6900 integrated amp, I plan on going back again to listen to the amplifier shortly. We will see what happens. Thanks..
I have the McIntosh MVP-841 dvd/cd player, and it is fed into the McIntosh MA-6500 integrated amp. I love the function of the two together. My red book cd's sound superb. I also have a sony es9000 sacd/cd/dvd, and a sony 775 sacd player. The McIntosh sounds better than the Sonys using the same cables and cd. Pricey, but worth every penny!
I own the MCD 205 changer and the MA 6900 integrated. I love both pieces. The 205 gives me all I want from my redbook collection. I may add a SACD player at some point but I have been very satisfied with my 205 (great PRAT!).