colibri vs. Benz lp-s

Did anyone compare the Van Den Hul Colibri XGP Mk. 2 to a Benz micro lp-s ?
Can you share your thoughts ?
Thanks in advance.
have the LPS, had the XGP.
the LPS has a fat bottom end, nice mids and decent highs. the XGP has detailed highs, very nice mids and a lean bottom end. I found the XGP to be arm dependant as well. it did not have much bottom end at all when mounted on a breuer 8C, but when moved to a reed 3P, the bottom end became very nice, not fat. it's really not a cart for rock. it's more for classic jazz and female vocals.
Thanks Corby
Any other cart you find superior to both ?
I had the VDH Condor XGM and Benz Ebony TR (some consider it better than LPS). I moved to a Audio Technica ART9 and I find it combines the best attributes of both these carts. It is more dynamic than the Benz and faster than the VDH.
It can rock better than either because it actually has better PRAT and flow. One of the best kept secrets probably because it doesnt cost a bomb.
there are many carts superior to both. the 3 clearaudios i use are superior, the insider reference, titanium and goldfinger. my dynavector XV1t is also superior. one to consider is the ikeda 9TT. similar benz sound but more lively and the bottom end extends deeper. i use it on a kuzma 4point and i find it to be a great match. the phasemation pp1000 is also a contender. i use it for some recordings that may need the top end tamed. it delivers beautiful mids and bottom end.
all said, i have 9 active arm/cart combos to allow me to best reproduce the wide variety of recordings we encounter.