Calling all VDH Colibri Fanatics and Experts ...

In your own experience of this wonderful cart, what setup parameters has optimized the Colibri in your own system in terms of VTA, VTF, cartridge loading and others. Your valuable suggestions and experiences are all welcome and appreciated! Thanks in advance.
I would be interested too. But, for some reason, Van den Hul does not have the standing on this board that other manufacturers do. Or perhaps its adherents pretty much keep to themselves.
I myself am curious. A difficult cartridge to setup to say the least.
I found that arm synergy is the most important parameter as the compliance is 35. I would wager that most people who complain about the cartridge have it on an arm with too high effective mass. I tried it on a jmw12, et2, ms505 and a SMEseries 3. The sme was the best by far but most people wouldn’t put it on that because the sme is not expensive or new enough. Mine is rewired all the way thru with a straight shot to the pre via male connectors. Best sound I’ve heard.
I run it at 1.4 vtf with level vta and no extra loading into a Herron 2 which has infinite loading. I always find I get better sonics on the lighter end of the vtf scale.
Also you really have to have patience with this cart, for the first 100 hours it had some sibilance and was edgy. I was actually so disappointed I was trying to trade it off but then I got it on the sme and it settled in and I am soooo happy with it!  It is a truth machine though that will still show sibilance if it is on the record. But a good pressing will sound like heaven. The best highs I have ever heard with deeeep tight bass. 
i have the XGP.
Dear @analogluvr : Even that this thread comes from 2008 let me to add that the Colibri is a quality performer very hard to beat and a real/true challenge for any today top/premium LOMC cartridge.

Set up is the name of the game ( as always ) especially on the Colibri. I agree with you that we need patience for over 100 hours of playing for the cartridge settle down and always take advantage of the 300 hours VDH fine tuning the Colibri ( we can with no charge return to VDH after those 300 hours of play for the FT. ). 
After this fine tunning when we listen again we can't just belive the unsurpassed quality performance. That fine tunning makes a paramount diferences.

I owned/own at least 4 diferent Colibri cartridges and normally I load it at 100 ohms with even VTA. I never had problem with tonearm diferent effective mass.

Again, very sensitive to minimal changes on cartridge set up parameters and we need patience with this little gem.

regards and enjoy the music,
 Yes I understand that the thread was 2008 I just wanted to add it so the info would be out there for anybody looking. 
IMHE, I have to agree with @rauliruegas, especially regarding that it's worth the time and trouble to send it back to VDH after 300 hrs or play. When I first considered getting a Colibri, I asked H.W. at VPI if any/which Colibri would work well on my JMW12.7 arm (on TNT6HR table) and he confirmed that the light weight version of the Colibri that I was considering would be an excellent match. Perhaps it is a bit more finicky than some others about setup parameters, but overall it's very dynamic with an extended treble performance that it rare and exceptional in its price category. On the downside, it might not gloss over imperfections in LPs as well as other carts I've used, but IMHO with most setups if your records aren't in great shape, your experience won't be great anyway. 
Dear @sbank : """  overall it's very dynamic with an extended treble performance that it rare and exceptional in its price category.  """

Agree and I would like to add that the Colibri quality level " treble performance " is just second to none, at any price. Overall a great cartridge.

"""  it might not gloss over imperfections in LPs as well as other carts I've used,  """

as always that could be system dependent specially how good damped is the tonearm and the tonearm stability during playback.

Anyway, I love the Colibri.

Regards and enjoy the music,

@rauliruegas Thanks for that. Perhaps I'll experiment with a slightly higher level of damping fluid in the arm's trough. Cheers,