Coincident Victory or Eminent Tech LFT8

Hi all, please anyone experience with either of these speakers tell me their goods and weaknesses. I've read several reviews of the Coincident but wondering why Stereophile never reviews Coincident speaker?.
The coincident line line of speakers are just awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! They march well with everything, and really sing with tubes. They maintain a flat impedence, and very efficient and offer incredible value that matches some of the best speakers made in the world. Regarding stereophile, who cares! There is always a hidden agenda with reviewers, I don't care what they say. It's very similar to the wine business. No one can account for personal taste and preferences. If I told you that sushi was the best food in the world and you hated fish, would you still eat it. With the coincident speakers, you will never need another pair of speakers. Their internal parts cost more or rival speakers that cost multiple times their price. A review on the the pure reference is on their website that breaks down the cost of their speakers and their internals and compares them to other speakers that are 4 times as much and the drivers used by the coincident cost more. While their cabinets may not be the most fancy, thier sound is f____in killer. Hope this helps. I am no way affiliated with coincident speakers.
E.T. is a great speaker but these are such different animals its hard to make a good recomendation. One is conventional and high effecient, the other is Planar and harder to drive. The Coincident will work with lower powered tubes, wont need the room to breath the ET will but wont give you the same distinct often intoxicating sound the ET will.
Its the same old story but especially with such different designs you simply have to listen and trust your ears.
One thought is post room info and gear you want to use as this may be a decider. The Coincident is gonna be a more detailed and brighter speaker than the ET, again its what you prefer.....the ET is a real winner at its price and the Coincident has its merits and fans aswell. Cheers
both have 'cult' status(which makes a review (good or bad) a non-starter for all parties. since both are different species, the type of amp you have may determine your final decision.
Coincident got a rough ride from Stereophile years ago if memory serves. Like happened with a number of other companies during that era, the Stereophile comments were undeserved. On account of that, Stereophile developed a reputation in the industry that it was not a good idea to submit a product to them for review unless you had some sort of advertising contract also.

The magazine has gone through a lot of changes since then so the hearsay back then is likely outdated.