Coincident Speakers - differences between models

I am considering a pair of Coincident Speakers, but unsure of whether to go with Victory/Total Victory or Super Eclipse/Total Eclipse. I am considering matching it with Coincident's 18 WPC amps. Anyone have any experience with Coincident speakers? Comments and advice woiuld be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
depends on the size of your room and budget. I have owned the Super E's; Victory; and now Total Victory. If you have a smaller room, get the Victory's and the MP 300B monos yo mentioned in your associated thread.
I've owned the Victorys, Total Eclipse, and now the Total Victorys. The Total Victorys are the best of the 3, as you might imagine, since they are the top-of-the-line. I found the Victorys to be somewhat limited in amplifier choices because of the lean midrange. Not a problem if you choose one of the Coincident amps that are warm in the mids. But don't pick an amp that's neutral. You won't be happy with the sound. I also found the bass in the Victorys to be lacking. Couple that with the less-than-stellar bass performance of the SETs they work with so well, and you exascerbate the problem. I would therefore recommend going with the monoblock Coincident amps, since the improvements brought on by their larger transformers is largely in the bass. Israel told me that the changes mentioned on his website for the monoblocks were done because the stereo version sounded just as good as the monos for less money. One of the best amp matches for the Victorys that I found was a 12 watt Audion Sterling ETSE with 2 NOS Seimans EL34s and a Seimans CCA 6922 input tube. You can buy it for under a grand used with the NOS tubes, and the combination is amazingly good.

The Total Eclipses work well with just about any amp, but the Totals do have a warm midrange. For that reason, I would not use the Coincident amps with them. I also tried a Wavac 300B with the Total Eclipses and didn't like it. I used a Wyetech Topaz with them that worked very well, but just about any neutral amp will. They are very easy to drive, as all Coincident speakers are. The Total Eclipses tend to be less detailed, and have to be played fairly loud to get them to perform well. They didn't work real well in my medium sized room for that reason. My friend now owns them and has a very large room. They work well for him. I found them to be very musical with excellent imaging and soundstaging. Despite my preferences for certain amps, these speakers sounded good no matter what I put in front of them. Some things worked better than others, though.

The Total Victorys have the detail of the Victorys with much better bass and a much more full bodied midrange without being warm, dark, or lush. They image and soundstage as well as the Total Eclipses. They are 97db efficient, 10 ohm speakers that can be driven by just about anything. I thought the sound using my Audion Sterling was very good, but was blown away by how good these speakers sounded using my Edge NL10. At 225 watts, you would think that the Edge is overkill, but it sounds absolutely fabulous on the Total Victorys. I have a Virtual Image Twenty / Forty coming that is supposed to be the best amp ever made at any cost, according to a reviewer. At 20 watts, it will an interesting amp to compare to the Edge on the Total Victorys. These speakers sound good at low volume or high volume. That, to me, is the real strength of the Total Victorys. They are so versatile, and seem to do everything right. I am not limited in any way to the type of amp I can use with these speakers, because of their high effciency and excellent coherency and voicing.
agreed with above- the TV's are keepers. The amps I will be using to drive mine will be a pair of ASL 1009 845 monoblocks with custom mods by Israel at Coincident- should be fun- Izzz indicates these amps are absolutely superb...
Yes, Tosh at Divergent Technology says these are the best of the ASL amps. Let me know hoe you like them.
I've seen others mention ASL equipment modded by Israel Blume, but there's no mention of such a service on Coincident's website. Does one have to ask Israel personally? Is this service available to the general public? What types of mods are performed, and at what cost? Thanks.
Since we are buddies I can say this- you have to ply Israel with excellent food and great conversation- luckily my girlfriend is a great cook and we live only ~ 10 minutes from Izzz's place :) Seriously though, he is a perfectionist, and you will get the max the amp is capable of with the mods he does. If you ever heard his personal system, you would know...