Coil metal for Lyra Erodion MC step-up ?

Just got a Audio Research PH8-phono for my AirTight PC-1.
Unfortunately gain is too low for 0.6 mV on cartridge.
Planning to get a step-up.
Can´t find info on Lyras homepage about materials used for coils in Lyra Erodion.
Does any know, perhaps someone has just the kombo.
I´d appreciate Your thoughts also from those that don´t.

Many Thanks!
I'm surprised the 58dB gain of the PH8 is not sufficient for a .6mV output cartridge.

In any case I can't say I really understand why ARC phono's traditionally offer this lowish amount of MC gain. The Ref 2 seems to be the exception - it has gain on the highish side.
ARC describe the PH8 gain as MM/MC compatible. I suppose they mean in an overload sense, because its (way) too much gain for typical MM outputs and on the cusp of being too little for lower output MC's.
IMO, not having a more standard MM gain setting in the 38-45dB range is going to limit the SUT choice. Even a 1:10 SUT will provide 20dB of gain, giving a total of 78dB with the PH8.

The thing is, I suspect a low DCR cartridge like the PC-1 might prefer the loading provided by a higher ratio SUT - like the Erodian. But the 26dB gain of the Erodian will give you a total of 84dB. That may be too much. IMO the Erodian is really meant for phono amps with gain around 40dB.
The specs for your phono stage say it has 58db of gain. Plenty for a cart with .6mv output. Have you tried this combo yet?
Thanks for your response.
Yes, I'm using the kombo now.
Kompared to my previous Jadis DPMC
which had a gain over 60db, you have to 3-4 fold
volume on PH-8. It sounds ok but a hazzle
when switching channels.
Would be nice to hear someones opinion
with Lyra step-up.
Wonder if you can order with lower gain?