Coda FET-02b Preamp Schematic

Having purchased a used Coda FET-02b (without owner's manual), I'm considering some upgrades but want to look at a schematic before jumping blindly in. Anyone out there have an original manual for the FET-02b that contains a schematic? I'm willing to pay for a copy to make it worth someone's trouble.

I checked the Coda website and the online manual doesn't contain a schematic and folks at Coda aren't interested in handing out copies.


Coda is based here in Sacramento. I could stop by there and see what I could do. Did you offer to buy a copy?

I did offer to purchase a copy and was told that they don't give out schematics. This was from the person who answers the general e-mail inquiries.

Thanks for the offer. If you want to visit or check with Coda personally, feel free since any help is appreciated.

In the meantime, the hunts continues ...