Clearaudio Symphony

Any opinions on this cartridge? Not much discussion at my local level, and not a lot of comments on the web. I have available to me good pricing on either this cartridge or a Benz Micro L2 (wood); these going onto a Scoutmaster Signature TT. Feeding Plinius electronics to Tyler monitors.
No users of this Clearaudio cartridge? Still nothing coming up to give me even a rough idea of the sound.
I came across your post while googling the same question. Ihave heard the clearaudio concerto and liked it very very much and would highly recommend it. I have not heard the symphony so I cannot be of much help, but if you if the concerto is in your range, I found it to be an wonderfully musical cart. with great detail yet very quite of surface noise. If I find any info on the symphony I will post the link.
Indeed. No user input on this or any other forum.

With that, and a familiarity with a few other Clearaudio cartrdiges, I 'bit the bullet' and purchased it.
i just bought the symphony and it sound very good, very musical not quite the dynamic that i would expect from the clearaudio, but overall i like it. The high is very smooth sounding
Ive not had the symphony but Ive had quite a few of CA's other models and they have all taken 100+- hours to really break in. It should be very dynamic when fully broken in.