Clearaudio Emotion turntable

Just saw this in a dealer today. Came with their new "Satisfy Arm" and their Aurum Classic MM cartridge. ($1495*)

The rest of the system was:
Clearaudio microbasic phono stage - $500
Hovland HP 100 Preamp - $8k
Hovland Radia amp - $11k
Proac Response D80 speakers - $24k
Unknown cables and interconnects but the power and speaker cables were the size of my 4 year olds arms.
* all prices canadian

Can you pick the weakest link in this chain? Needless to say, I should be able to hear the source and phono stage in this system

Unfortunately, I only had a very brief time to listen:

Jacintha's "Here's to Ben" - "Danny Boy" track -

Nothing seriously wrong which made my want to go back with my full audition kit of LPs. Anyone else heard of this tt or seen any reviews?
Well, the phono stage is not quite in the same league as the rest of the system above. The TT/arm is the entry level package from clearaudio. It's not bad -- it's simple and, like many reasonably priced offerings, sounds good (i.e. more than its price would warrant), is not fussy to set up and can provide enjoyment.
Sorry, I have not seen reviews of the TT (I rarely read these anymore).