Clearaudio Concept MM cartridge

Has anyone listened to one ? Compare to a Rega Bias 2 ?
After two years of ownership I can honestly say that this little jewel is something special from top to bottom. Don't abuse the cantilever and it will be a most emotionally involving full bodied experience for you with your precious Vinyl. Track it precisely at 2.2 grams & set anti-skate on 52mm S-shaped tonearm to 2.8 g. Mine is mounted in a very simple basic SL-2500 and definitely steps up from the nice sounding Shure M97xE.

I think I love this Concept MM more than my former Shure V-15 VMR or Pickering XSV-3000.
Since it's basically an AT95E with a better stylus why not just get the AT95E with a Shibata or HE tip and save some money?
It is not an At95e, though uses the basic architecture. I own both. One mounted on a project table and another on a Concept. The Concept is more open, detailed and transparent. Specs are completely different.
The cart output and coil inductance are virtually the same as is the recommended load capacitance. I doubt there is any difference internally but believe what you must. I am merely suggesting you can get the electrically equivalent AT95 with an upgraded stylus and save lots of $$.