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Here is probably one of the best kept secrets in all of High End audio. The Super Connect IV from Musical Concepts.

For those of you unfamiliar with Musical Concepts they have been around for some 20 years plus. Orginally started by doing mods on the Hafler amps,and preamps,and in recent years have branched out into other areas. Make no mistake,these guys know high end and the mods they do are a vast improvement over stock units.

Now on the the Super Connect IV. A few years ago was looking for some really superior interconnects. After about a month of searching and becoming quite frustrated at what was out there and the ridiculous prices for interconnects was just about to render the search useless. While searching the net,came across the Musical Concepts web site. Found they produced interconnects. By past experience with them,gave them a call. Decided to buy the 1.5 meter Super Interconnect with the locking RCA's in gold. In a few days they arrived. Not that impressive to look at,though they were well made. So decided to install between power amp and pre amp. Still not expecting much,only paid $79.00 for them,how good could they really be? Fired up the system and waited a few minutes for everything to warm up. Then put on some music. If I remember right it was the Santana Abraxas LP album. WOW - instant nirvana!! No snake oil here,finally the coherence between amp and preamp was literally amazing,the sound stage open up like never before,and the detail,was beyond belief. I just sat there stunned. Being the jaded audiophile I am,it was hard to comprehend what I had just heard. Naw - cant possibly be the cable. So reinstalled the old cables. Put the Santana album back on. No nirvana back to the same old sound I had. Reinstall the Superconnect IV. Okay well cables work very well indeed with Rock N Roll,how about classical. Put on the Telarc Frederick Fennel Cleveland Symphonic Winds first selection was Holst: Suite No.1 in E Flat and Suite No.2 in F. The results were totally spectacular. Those of you who know this Telarc album can attest to its wide demanding range. I am still sitting there totally stunned,have never heard this album with such depth,clarity and impact. In the ensuing days listen to a wide variety of music,trying to find some fault with the Super Connect IV. None could be found. About a month passed and I called and ordered a set for the turntable. Well thats another story and a very good one at that.

Do not let the price point on these cables put you off. Starting at $59.00 the pair,these can easily compete if not totally exceed anything out there including some very exalted $1,000.00 brands. Lets say for some ungodly reason you dont like them. You have up to 30 days to return and get your money back.

Make no mistake,this is a true gem in high end audio. You can spend a great deal more,but trust me it is money wasted!!!!!!!!

So here's the advise from a 59 year old audiophile ,whos has been in this hobby since 1957. The Musical Concepts Super Connect IV interconnect is in my opinion the best period!! My search prior to finding these was exhaustive. Give them a try, big bang for the dollar, plus the sonics are to die for.

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I agree 100%. Although I have switched to Omega Mikro & Mapleshade wires, the Musical Concepts ICs are incredible bargains and continue to be my backup cables. You can't go wrong with them.
Try the Musical Design Aura interconnects, sligtly quiter transmission of the signal.