Cleaning Matte Silver Gear Bryston

Does anyone have any tips for cleaning the silver finish of todays matte silver gear? Specifically, Bryston amps..

If you have a pair, you know the finish is not a smooth as the typical silver box. Mine do not have any major dirt spots, just hand print marks and dust...Typical cleaners don't seem to work as they should..

I would email Bryston directly as they no doubt swab down everything before they package it up for shipping. Alternately you could visit the Bryston BB over at Audiocircles where VP James Tanner is a frequent poster...
I own the Bryston BP-16 and 1.5 phono and 4B-SST2 in black. I use ordinary denatured rubbing alcohol on a clean cotton cloth to remove greasy fingerprints. For dust I just use a damp cloth. I also have a set of Canton towers in my home thearter system and they are untreated aluminum, and the alcohol works really well to keep them stain free and smooth looking.
I do believe the Bryston silver ARE anodized so they are harder finish than untreated AL.