CLEANING drivers of dust????

Hello, I own a pair of Avalon Radian HC's with optional open front a result the drivers are always dusty...I've written to Avalon and was told that using "Freemans" furniture cream is the way to clean them...Well needless to say alot of friends and dealers have had an opposite reaction, saying," don't do it!".
Any "clean" freaks out there have any suggestions?
I've used the feather duster and a clean soft cloth already.
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Are you sure Avalon wasn't talking about the enclosures? Maybe they didn't understand what you were asking.

Try a very soft horsehair paintbrush and lightly swish the dust away. You can also try a vacuum cleaner using the curtain attachment that has the long bristles on it. Another way is to simply use a can of compressed air for cleaning computer keyboards only keep the air movement back 6-8" while using a light sweeping motion...

Cleaners are a BIG NO-NO!!
To be serious also be sure to change furnace air filters once a month during constant use and 6-8 weeks during the spring or fall when you are not using forced air as much. I find a big difference when I let it go past that in my newer home. I also use the 3 pack-$7 NaturalAire filters from Home Depot that are wrapped and not the cheap blue ones that start collecting dust prior to getting used in your home. I agree with the soft bristle brush and simply take your time using no force against the driver.
4" Purdy for all paints, Nylon Polyester Blend. Best 20 bucks I ever spent and will keep all your components pristine.