Classe or Technics? amps for El Cheapo

Really! I have my Magnepans ...restored IIIb powered by Audio Research, but I have some rooms I want to stand alone. Like H-K 330B driving Pinnacle PN5+ and two rooms runnng mono with same receiver..driving Speakerlab DAS 2.

If I had a functional Luxman R1040 I know I would be happy. The NAD 302 is OK. All that said...I want to try Dayton Audio's little integrateds. I am not sure their testimonials come from discerning ears..maybe they do. Anybody here who must have Magnepans etc try one of those under $160 Dayton integrateds? i am tempted to put the 15-30wpc in my den for a bit..maybe running the PN5+ or AC650 speakers and see what comes out. Your experience would be much appreciated. Oh.. here is URL