Classe for my B&W Matrix?

Any other Recommendations for running my Matrix Home Theater? 804's in front, HTM Center, 805's Rear. Considering a Lexicon DC-1 and a Classe CAV-150.

I use Krell with my 801 III, HTM center and DS-6 surrounds. The B&W Matrix is a very revealing speaker to any changes I do in my system. Good luck!
I use a Classe CA-400 for my front B&W 801 series 3 with better results than my former Threshold SA4e. Total iron fist control and midrange purity. The upper end Classe are true audiophile bargins. Now if they could only provide the unexceeded service of Audio Research......
I have B&W 802's seires two with the protection cuircitry
removed.I have driven them with the Arigon 4004 Mk2, Chord 860, and most resently Bel Canto Evo 200.2 as mono blocks. By no small margin has the Evo's 200.2 out preformed the others.I might also add to the list of amp's used the Briston 4B ST. Extremly fast, liquid, airy detail without any harshness. Some find vocals a little resessed as I also did until I added good quallity silver interconects.