B&W Matrix 3 Series 2?

What is the word on these? I searched archives and google but didn't find much in way of review or comparison...

Any experience comparing them to mirage m3si or nht 3.3 is greatly appreciated.
Harsh tweeters, nice midrange, mediocre bass and harsh tweeters.
Generally agree but would not have been so harsh. The bass is ok but doesn't go real low. You get the illusion of bass but nothing deep. You gotta be careful what you feed the tweeter with (e.g., electronics, cables, etc.) or you will get a touch of harshness. I found them to be nice sounding all-rounders with pretty good dynamics and impact for rock/pop/blues with an Aragon 4004II, assuming your expectations were for enjoyment and not audiophile type perfection.
I have owned them for 18 years.  they take a ton of power to sound good.  I have them bi amped with a Citation  150wpc, analysis plus oval 8 wires and love the sound.  tried classe and bryston amps as well and they  were over the top in your face treble. I have plenty of bass with the power I have going to them.  hard rock I am not a big fan of on these speakers but not what I really listen to at home. 
these speakers have very good  vocals and a realistic soundstage.  Even used my arcam receiver to power to try it out and sounded good but not like with the amp.  looked at the 803 d2 and 802 d2 recently and couldn't get myself to pull the trigger. Couldn't hear a difference to me, liked the look of the newer speakers better but