Classe CRCD...any good?

Hi all,

Looking to build a modest system for my bedroom with either new or, likely, used pieces.

I posted earlier a question about the Rogue receiver, but am now wondering about the Classe CRCD as it would be one unit where the Rogue would require a CD player.

Any experience out there?
An all in one dosn't leave you much room to tinker . Are you a tinkerer ?
Good point.....oh well, start over. How about the Rogue receiver and a cd player?
Isn't that like getting to be 15 years old.
I remember ages ago that someone at Classe told me to avoid them like the plague.

Underbuilt power supply. Output transistors failing constantly. It's a vague recolection, but it stuck with me. He said the CAP series of integrated did not have this problem, but the all in one CRCD was very problematic.

My advice? Avoid.