classe CAP 151 vs musical fidelity A300 int amp

hi i'm trying to find a integrated amp to run martin logan aerius, budget is appr 1200 us and would like to get most for my money so used is best way to go.

i have heard many great thing about both of these company and there is a chance to p/u either one on audiogon right now. however i have no way of testing these two amps so any input is greatly appreciated. ths
I can't comment on the A300 but I have a CAP-151 driving my Magneplan 1.6QR's and I love it. The 151 is simple and powerful. I like the fact that most of the functions are on the remote (volume, source, mute, display dimmer, etc.).
The 151 does have a power-on delay of 20 seconds that some people might find annoying.
Good luck.
I also had a CAP (100) driving Maggie 2.7's very satisfactorily. Good control of the bass.