classe cap 100 vs classe cap 151

Anyone had both amps? which did you think was better in terms of sound alone.
Heard them both when looking long and hard for an integrated. Initially heard the CAP151, which was very good overall - nice, black background, spacious-sounding (good breadth and depth), fast, transparent...

Next day listened to the CAP101 - the magic collapsed... not as clean-sounding and dimensionality was lost to a large degree. It just didn't compare.

I spoke with a rep at Classe and discovered that the preamplifier stage is MUCH different between the two. He, of course, suggested that I stretch my budget and go for the 151 because it's so much better.

In the end, I didn't opt for either one.
Undoubtedly the 151 is better but if you do not need the power, the 100 will perform admirably well. I once used the CAP-100 to drive the B&W CDM 1SE's and was quite impressed with the sound quality. You can basically pick up a used 100 for considerably less than the 151.
The design of the 151 takes greater care seperating the amp section, within the machine. My advice go with the 151 or you will probably get the upgrade bug and wind up spending more in the end.
sounds like the 151 is the superior thus far.
check audioreview for cap100, a few people said Cap100 is better than cap151.