Classe CA-M400 or Theta Digital Enterprise?

I am looking to replace my MBL 8011s amplifier. It's a rather musical sounding amp but in my system I am looking for something a bit more dynamic. I don't want an amp that is analytical but at the same time I feel as though the system as a whole is "holding back" a bit. I am considering either the new Classe monoblocks or the TD monoblocks as possibilties.

As a point of reference, the rest of my system consists of Jeff Rowland Coherence II/Cadence phono, Exemplar/Denon 2900, Teres Audio 265 table. Cabling is all liquid ceramic cables from Cerious Technologies. Speakers are a new design from Bob Grost, formerly of Unity Audio. It is a 4 piece system called the Cerious Ceramic Reference and is more or less a replacement to the Unity Audio PARM system.

Michael Fremer gave the Enterprise amps a rather mixed review skewed in the negative direction but other than that I haven't found any reviews. The Classe amps seem to be too new to have any published reviews.

Are there any A-goners out there that have heard these amps and care to characterize them? Any other suggestions?

Ken Golden
Check out the Classe Delta 2200 review at Soundstage.
The M400 is very similiar sounding from what I've read on a thread.
I like the Enterprises better than the classe. If you can spend a little more and get the Citadels its well worth it! Once you have them you will not need another amp for years and years. You could always go with a 2 channel dreadnaught thats a great amp as well. I am not a big fan of classe.. YOu should demo both if u can in ur system make your decision but i believe you would like the Enterprise better!!
One thing that I noticed in the Fremer review was that the "faults" that he seemed to be finding with the Enterprises appeared to fall into the "tube vs SS" category, and if you filter those types of comments out, he seems to be giving them fairly high praise. But perhaps that's just my read of the article. At any rate, right about the time that his article first came out, I was auditioning power amps, including the Enterprises. Personally, I am very taken with the Theta Digital line of amps, and after listening to a number of amps (no CA-M400, unfortunately), I bought a pair of Enterprises for my CS3.6's (some might say this is overkill for these speakers, but you need to hear the 3.6's with some really good amps to understand why I went this route!), and an Intrepid for my surround system. The qualities of Theta's amps, and the Enterprises in particular, that I really fell for are their imaging and soundstage, definition between instruments, and overall sense of space. On top of this, I find that they are very musical in their presentation of mids, which I found to be very pleasing. FWIW, my "runner-up" to the Enterprises was the Edge NL-10, but after some in-home listening, I slightly prefered Theta to Edge.

Good luck, Tom.

Thanks for the response - I see from your system you are a Theta Digital fan! I think the Citadels are out of my range. Price wise they are right in my zone. How would you characterize the sound of the Enterprise?

Last question...have you heard the new Classe monoblocks? My undertanding is the sound characteristics are a bit different than their recent designs.

Ken Golden

I need (well maybe not the right word) to run fully balanced. My understanding is the Edge amps only run single ended so I've ruled them out from the get go. Heard they sound nice though.

I'm not sure that Fremer is so much of a tube kind of a guy to be honest. I think his reference amp is solid state. I just think the Enterprise didn't rock his world the way the Citadel did so the review came out mixed. He's one of the few reviewers that I actually pay attention to but that doesn't stop me from putting it high up on my need-to-audition list. Considering the people behind the design of the TD amps it's got great parentage.

I will be at CES and I will listen...

Ken Golden
I have heard the classe mono's i don't really like them that much. I would prefer the Enterprises to the classe. If you can get a good deal on the Enterprises i would get them. The enterprises have lots of power and very clean sounding like all Theta amps.