Classe CA-150 vs. Meridian G56 vs. Proceed AMP-2

Currently using a Classe CA-150, have a Meridian G56 and Proceed AMP-2 on the way to do a side by side comparison. Please provide any thoughts you may have on these three amps. Using with an Arcam AVP-700 preamp (RCA/XLR outputs), B&W Nautilus 803 speakers.

My standard amp is a McIntosh MC-7205 5 channel amp, trying to see if one of these two channels amps will sound considerably better in order to convince myself to keep one of them.

Since you are going to do a side-by-side comparison in your own home, I think you are in the best position to judge which is the best. My thought is don't let anyone else's opinion to affect your own judgement and trust your own ears.
Chris - I know this thread is 3+ years old. I'm curious as to whether you ever did the side-by-side. I'm looking at 2 of the amps of your 3 as a used purchase.