Class Action Suit against UPS?

How many of us are getting our Audio Equipment Destroyed by United Parcel Service. A brand new BAT amp claim was denied even though UPS lost it for two weeks. Although FEDX costs more, they take better care of Audio Equipment. Anyone having problems with UPS?
I want to hear from dealers and their personal experience. As stated they have a lot of experiences to share with us. After a lot of problems with U.P.S. I even agree with Hello Hi Fi's shipping policies.

That said I think Hello Hi Fi is one of the most antaginistic posters on this site. They dont always start the fight but they have no problem draging it on. I think they are one of the most unprofessional hi fi companies I have ever seen.
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FedEx has destroyed my speakers in the past.

my most recent purchase, a 110 lb. Coda #16 amp. The amp left the factory on a wooden pallet and was sent through a shipping company. When it arrived it was no longer on a pallet and was partially crushed. The box badly damaged but the amp was OK.