choice between integrated dac amp vs non integrated

I'm looking to purchase a new integrated amp dac for my system. I'll use a phono and uncompress file from my mac as a source. I want to get used as my budget is limited but still want the ability to grow with it. 5000cnd max
I'd go with Naim stageline+ xs-2+ nd5-xs as a dac for the separate kit or Lyngdorf Audio TDAI-2170 and a phono pre amp (xlr balalanced if possible) if not it would be something like the cube se2. The Lyngdorf has all the optional modules and if the stage is less than 700cnd i'll be at par for the price. 
many thanks for your help 

Have you had Naim Gear in your system before? Its got a sound all to its own and not everyone likes it so listen before buying, also consider all the dedicated wires (DIN) and power supply's you'll need. Nothing in the Naim world works well with others.

 I personally would go with the Lyngdorf over the Naim for simplicity and sound quality, also if your going to have a built in DAC may as well be an all in one DAC-AMP with the outstanding room correction added in.

I come down on the other side of the fence, but nothing to do with Naim or Lyngdorf. 

Amplifier design is a mature technology and is advancing somewhat slowly, whereas streaming technology is advancing much more quickly. Naim, for example, just changed their streaming platform. If you are a buy and hold music lover the dac/integrated is probably fine. But if you are looking to upgrade down the road, then having to trade in a DAC/amp will be less convenient, and more costly, than just swapping a streamer. 
I've heard the sound on the 5i but it felt lacky to my taste(wanted a bit more clarity), I'll have to try xs2 it before I pull the trigger as I've never heard it before. Extensively looking to find a place to ear it from near Montreal. As for the lyngdorf, its simplicity is appealing. Will try to ear this weekend. As for my gear, im more of a buy and hold to the goods and want to keep it simple as this rabbit hole as kindof no ending. For coffe equipment though... upgraditis is a disease. 
 I had a full Naim separates system a few years ago just could not get into their sound always dry and lifeless IMO. Sure the PRAT but boring. I went back to Tubes, but I have heard some great SS as well mostly Class A. 

  I have heard a Lyngdorf integrated in a system at my local Audio shop (I frequent there weekly it seems) couple weeks back and was truly impressed with the room correction, very compelling idea and minimalist. Wonderful full sound as well I was surprised to be honest.  

Got me thinking about ditching Analog and the whole turntable thing.

 For a fraction of a second. wink.

also don't limit yourself to those brands you have great hi-fi shops close to you or a few hours drive. ie Toronto and Ottawa.