Cheater plug/surge protection

I live in an old building and was told by an electrician that the building is not grounded. So, I have two questions;

1. I'm using a cheater plug on my amp to alleviate a ground loop hum. Since the building isn't grounded there shouldn't be any additional risk, correct?

2. Will I still get the benefits of using surge protection for my equipment? I know some companies say the warranty is voided if the surge protector isn't hooked up to a grounded outlet.

I'm currently using an AudioPrism Foundation III power conditioner with the amp plugged directly to the wall. This unit doesn't have surge protection.

Thanks. I'm a complete idiot when it comes to this stuff.
That third wire , a common ground is for personal protection . Make sure you have dry hands when handling anything electrical . Not sure how a surge protecter will work without a common ground , likely best to contact the manufacturer .
Thanks for the response.