Cheap preamp/no preamp/passive preamp question...

Due to upgrades, I have a pair of Quicksilver KT88 Silver Edn tube mono amps and a pair of ProAc Response 2s I was going to move to my study. I'm hoping for some help in figuring a low cost, but musical, path to playing CDs. Thought #1 was just skipping the preamp and buying a CD player with a volume control. Any recommendations there, esp. ones with a remote control? Thought #2 was an inexpensive passive preamp like the Creek OBH-12 w/remote and a conventional CD player. Any reactions? Obvious standard choice is normal preamp/CD player. My gut thinking is that w/o the need for flexibility, I'd get more bang for my buck with #1, but would be interested in hearing relevant experiences.
I saw a Resolution Audio cd 50 the other day for $1200. It has an analog volume control,hdcd, and remote. Very musical. I have one driving JRDG model 10 into Piega P10's and the sound is wonderful. If your only playing cd's it will save you on ic's.
i used to own a creek obh-12, i used it with an Electrocompaniet power amp and proac studio 125 speakers.
I recently replaced the creek for a used krell.
the change had only proved to me how amazing that little creek was...
of course the krell is better, but it costs 10 times more (new), and the improvment is only about 10% in my view.
anyway i deeply recommend the creek.
but i think using a CD with a built-in volume conroll could prove to be a very good minimal solution as well.
i heard good things about the linn Genki, if you are going in that direction.
The Linn Genki is a great CDP for the money. But if remote is important, take note that the remote for the Genki is Linn's remote which is used for its preamp and it will control all functions on the Genki *except* the volume. That's because the Genki volume control and the preamp (I believe the Wakonda) volume control have different frequencies so both of them won't be adjusted at the same time.

If you can deal with the remote issue, or find another CDP with variable volume, and plug right into the amp, it is the way to go. But adding a Creek passive pre in the path would not be bad either.
Educate me folks, please; Is there such a thing as a phono only passive pre amp? I don't listen to CD's radio or tapes I have nice tube amps I want to use in secondary system that will be phono based. I'd like suggestions or information from cheap to dreamland price. I will not be using cartridges with extremely low output. Looking for suggestions and information. Great thread.
Just do what Streetdaddy says and you will not regret it one little bit.