Passive preamp with integrated or headphone amp?

I am considering putting a passive preamp in front of my headphone amp to get
(1) finer volume adjustment levels;
(2) remote volume control.

Since there would be 2 gain controls in the chain, it would obviously hurt things somewhat (I guess). Has any one done this or have any thoughts? I was thinking of a Placette or similar one. If you have done this with an integrated amp using the volume-controlled-outputs, I would also be interested in the results, as this is basically the same thing.
If you turn up your headphone amp volume as far as it goes it is essentially out of the circuit. I have done this with my tube pre and my passive Passion Ultimate which has remote volume and better control of gain. I had no problems.
Hey thank you Stanwal!
I have a tubed headphone amp.
I hope this wouldn't sress out the tubes.

Nice eqpt. you have there. I like those Apogees. I had Stages for years and cannot forget them. Like an open window to music.
When you have 2 volume controls and leave one open the other takes over the function of attenuating the amp. The tubes do not know that there is a second volume control that is not being used so it puts no stress on them whatsoever. When the second control is closed it makes no difference if the other one is open, the circuit will see no signal; you have simply moved the attenuation function downstream.
OK great. I will give that a try. Thanks for all that again.