Cheap - effective A/D converters?

Recently acquired a EAD DSP-9000/III . Very satisfied with the sound of this unit - but it has left me with a connection quandry. The EAD is a all digital till the output.
I have developed a short term kludge to feed analog signals into the digi inputs of the EAD.I put my Marantz Dr-700 CD burner into record analog inputs - pause it ( you have to put a CD-audio disc in for this to work) and presto-gizmo I've got 44.1 digital coming out of the marantz and into the EAD. A niles AXP-1 used backwards allows me to manually switch between my TV and Tandberg 3001A tuner.

Rest of system consists of Paradym Studio 20's ,Hafler DH-120, dirtball Technics CD changer run into the EAD via TOslink ,Garden variety phonix gold interconnects and Kimber 4TC speaker wires and some video stuff that isn't important to me .

While I am inordinatly proud of my kluge with the Marantz - I've been looking for a more straightforward A/D converter.
In the semi-pro areana - I've looked at the M-Audio Flying Cow A/D -D/A converter. These run around $250.00 for a stereo unit . Anyone got any experience with these ?
Any suggestions for other cheap alternatives ?

Eventually when I get my ADC B-100 pre-amp and LP-12 up again i may be interested in higher quality A/D conversion - but for now the bucks are important and the analog sources are not of suffecient quality to merit any great expenditures.
Appreciate the help.
How about the Wadia 130 or 150 A/D boxes?
M_Audio SuperDac is inexpensive and has an excellent reputation. Details in user group at
M-Audio is better with an OADE mod. The Flying Cow is alright. I would suggest you visit I believe some one has an Apogee AD 1000, DA 1000 and it's power supply for sale for $450. Also, look at MSB, I think they have a decent AD for around $450, too. Of course Apogee's Minime and Grace Design's Lunatec are about the best but the cost much more.

The correct link for the M-Audio Super DAC 2496 group is

Couple of months ago I replaced the OE wallwart with a DIY power supply unit. That brought about a major leap in performance.
What is "an OADE mod" ?

Any companies out there that do mods to M-Audio Super DAC 2496 ?
Check out and visit tapers section.
ack dAck! and Birdland Odeon Lite are both very good values stock.