Cheap AV-amp with 5.1 pre-outs

Guys, Im looking for a cheap AV-amp/receiver with good DTS/DD processing that also has a 5.1 pre-out, so I can use my main stereo amp to power the front speakers and use for normal stereo sounds. Any (and since the bank called I have to state this: CHEAP!!) suggestions?

Use your Pc, most newer Motherboards have the sound card built onboard.
If not just buy a PCI sound card and plug it in.
A very good card around 60 or cheap at 15
Yes, you're right, that is the cheapest solution, but my computer is on the other side of the house, so it would be more convenient to have a 'real' av amp around. Thanx anyway!
Perhaps look at the harman kardon avr series (320 etc). They have good processing and provide full preouts.
Thanx Efritz, but I managed to found a used (and cheap) Yamaha DSP E-800, which satifies my needs (for the time being ofcourse :)).
I would suggest the Sony 9ES, IMHO blows away the Yamaha
Some Denon recievers have the 5.1 out, some of the older ones are really cheap. I just recieved the AVR-3600 and it will act as a pre-amp.

As Jake says or look for some top of the line units that came out back in 2000.