Changing to Quieter Fans in Behringer Amps?

Some of you may know that these cheapo pro audio amps are considered to be high powered, sleeper high end bargains by many audiophiles, particularly Magnepan users.

One drawback, however, is that the original fans are apparently noisy.

Can someone please provide a link or supplier to replace the stock fans with quieter ones?

Thank you,
Is the Behringer fan a 12 volt unit? If so the fan you want is PAPST 612 NGL. Google for suppliers.

I have three for my CarverPro ZR1600 amps, but have not installed them because the amps are presently operating in the cellar, and fan noise is not an issue. Actually, for home audio use the ZR1600 has no problem running with the fan disconnected. You might want to see if the Behringer can do this.
Maybe the fan can be left connected but reduced in speed using a resistor or some form of rheostat? I think that even a small difference in fan speed can be a large difference in noise.

Thank you and yes, I had also thought about simply disconnecting them. For the price, not such a big deal if the lifespan is shortened!

As discussed in another thread, I spent more on UPS and insurance to ship in my Levinson amp for repair.
If I disconnected the fans on my QSC amps, the temp will rise and the amp will shut itself down regularly to cool down. To get around the fan, either add an external fan or a thermal control? You could buy a quieter/better fan but is it worth it?
The CarverPro ZR1600 amp is a digital type and generates very little heat. The fan is there so you can pump out 600 watts times two in pro applications. Disconnecting the fan in a linear amp is probably not a good idea.