Center Stage?

My system does double duty. Music is my first priority. However, since my system is also used for home theater, I am one of those with the big screen t.v. and entertainment center in the middle of my speakers. Typically, I place a thick blanket over the screen of my t.v. while listening to music. After reading through some threads recently, I am wondering about the benefits of having open air in between the speakers and relocating them to another place. This would require some serious effort on my part and wonder if many of you out there think the work would be worth it? I think it would be helpful for you to know that the entertainment center is a very open design. It has no sides. It consists of two iron towers with shelves and a center piece that spans between. It stands approximately eight feet tall. The speakers are a moderate sized floor standing model. They are postioned so that the front of the speaker is about one foot in front of and a foot and a half to the side of each tower. What do you think? Will my sound stage, imaging, and tonality improve if I give the speakers "room to breathe" in the middle?
Wow, your system configuration sounds almost exactly like mine, except mine is done in wood, not iron (click on the System link for pics.)

I, too, use a thick blanket to cover the TV and it seems to work quite well. Moving my speakers or TV is not an option, I like things just as they are. I am getting a very decent soundstage with good depth and width.

You might consider posting some pics of your system to help in responding to your questions. Other than that, I guess the best way to find out is to do it and see how it sounds...

Thanks for your response. It was fun looking at your system. Like you, I think I will just leave everything where it is.