Center Channel to go with Snell E/III

Does anyone have a suggestion for a center channel speaker to go with a pair of Snell E/III's.

I have owned them for about 13 yrs and they are some of the best I have ever listened to.
These already sold, but watch for a pair to pop up here or on ebay:
I have had my EIIIs for about 9 years, and I have been equally happy with them. I'm using Snell's CR.5 center channel speaker, with K.5s for rear surround. If you're considering the CR.5, it has worked fairly well for me, but because of my tv and stand, I have it placed on the shelf under the television, and I don't think that's the best spot for it. I'm hoping to rewire soon and get it out of the enclosed space, because it makes the dialogue difficult to hear clearly at times. As a fellow EIII owner, I thought this might be helpful information for you. By the way, do you have the stands that Snell made for the EIIIs? Hope this helps a little bit.
Beleive it or not, because I have a screen I use a J-II's with my E-II's. I am now replacing the J with another E-II so I can have the same speakers across the front. The J has been my best center channel yet. (I have had polk,klipsch, and Jbl as center channels - when I had these systems).