Matching a center to MBL 101e's

I've bought a pair of MBL 101E's (with MBL electroniccs) but I'm now I'm having trouble trying to figure out if I can use it as part of a home theater... I know this forum is focused on two-channel audio, but I was wondering if anyone has any experience trying to match speakers to MBL? My problem is mostly with trying to match the 101e's with a center speaker
I know that the best choice would be to use the 111RC's, but due to WAF this is not possible (wife thinks it's too ugly) Are there any center speakers that anyone can recommend that can match the 101's aurally and aesthetically? Or could I get away with a wall speaker for the center channel?
Or am I better off just using the 101's for stereo and having a completely separate home theatre system (using wall speakers)?

Thank you very much in advance for any help
Are you using a front projector?
yes, I'm using a front projector
On similiar threads most 'experts' recommend using a center that is matched by same manufacturer to your mains. I have MBL 111'es as mains; and my wife would not permit anther MBL as center in front of 73" dlp; I first tried a Dali C200; didn't work too well; now I'm using an Aerial CC-5; and it works surprisingly well; dialogue is precise and focused; and it compliments the radial omni sound of mains in home theater. I use a Meridian 861 for processor; and even for music listening I often switch to Trifield mode; and enjoy using my three mains..I know others will criticize my choice; but it works for me; looks fine; and sounds's hard with wife factors and practicle some compromises are requried. I don't have money or space for two separate systems; and use a blend of one system for both music and home theater..good luck with your choice; and I'm sure you'll enjoy the system more; with greater applications of blending...
If you can do it, use the 101's for 2 channel only and have a separate home theatre system.

I'm also a MBL 101E owner.