Ceiling diffusion

Hello All,
I want add diffusion to my ceiling to help with slap back and flutter. Should I put the panels at the first reflection point or above my listening position?
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You will have to experiment. I've done all 4 variations with sucess. Depends on room or your taste. Not an exact science.
Armstrong, yes the ceiling tile people, makes a 'wave' product that is adaptable to home use. Check it out at their web site.
Most likely the first reflection point but experiment.
Diffusion directly overhead works the best to get the most impact from the panels.

You can try diffusion or absorption at the first reflection points. I have diffusion at the first reflection points on my ceiling, but I want to try absorption to see how it sounds. I also have diffusion directly overhead.

Let me know what you find. It's going to be some time before I experiment.
Hi how do you determine the 1st point of reflection on the ceiling? Any ideas that I can use? Thanks.
Thanks for the responses. I will start with first reflection points and experiment from there.
When facing my speakers from my listening chair my ceiling slants up from right to left from 7.8ft to a little over 10 feet. Should the diffusion/absorbtion panels be mounted flush on the ceiling or hung so they are parallel to the floor?
Ore layer,
You mention ahaving a flutter echo problem. If you have a carpeted floor between the speakers and listening chair, then the flutter echoes may not be ceiling related. Do you have a carpet?

Personally, I have ceiling diffusion from the front of the speakers to the listening chair and 8 feet in width. Above the listening chair is a bass trap to reduce a height modal null. Of course your room is different but first start with covering 1st reflection points and them test out directly above your head.

I would be surprised if having the ceiling diffusion at different heights on your sloping ceiling makes an audible difference as the sitting distance is not near field.
I have Audio art 2" panels on the ceiling taking care of 1st reflection points and 4" panels on the 1st reflection points on the walls. I installed 4 DR6 (MSR Acoustics) diffusion panels above and slightly behind my listening position. You are correct, I did not hear any difference.
Yes I have carpet. After some careful listening I think the flutter is coming from two adjecent rooms that are open to the listening room. Maybe I should try treating those two rooms as well.
acoustic treatment

First try these foams. Best we have ever tried.
very light weight, easy to use and very effective
in controlling sound waves.



We have no interest in this company, but to use them for
our own audio projects.

Not knowing your dimensions, the best we would say is to

place them at the first third distance of your room from
the source.

Add two more the next third and soon on.

You are on a roll today for Acoustic panel suggestions!!
We have seen many audio jobs that were over done. Some of the rooms were as dead as a echo chamber. The less - the better and many of the acoustic panels are as stated, hard to use and cost far too much.

Let us know how your project works out.