CDP to DAC cable

I recently picked up a Paradisea DAC from a fellow a-gonner & need a cable to hook it up with. Does anyone have a suggestion on a good digital cable under $200? This is my first DAC & I'm not terribly fluent in digital cables.
Depending on the connectors used, the VH Audio cryo Pulsar is a very nice digital cable for under or about your stated price. I found that a 1.5 meter length gave best resolution.

It takes a long long time to break in--in my system, over 2 weeks running 24/7--but getting noticeably nicer sound every day is a thrill.
Suggest contacting Stephen Monte at Quest for Sound (A'gon Guild listing - I'm not affiliated but a happy customer) about IXOS digital cable
Both the Stereovox XV2 and Chimera Labs Advantage digital cables are within your price range and work very well with the Paradisea DAC.

For more responses you might want to ask your question at the Paradisea DAC thread on AudioCircle at:
Stereovox XV2 (sold online by Galen Carol Audio)

For a low-cost and good-sounding option, consider Canare LV-77S 75-ohm Coaxial -- available online from many vendors, including Cable Solutions. A meter costs less than 30 bucks. It gets you a long way toward what the more expensive cables offer.
Thanks, some good suggestions I'll dig into. Does anyone know anything about the Auricle Encore?
Fishboat, the Canare cable Jhold recommends would be my entry-level choice, as long as it had good connectors. I used a 1.5m version of it for a while and was impressed, in fact I think I still have it.

The extra half meter costs very little and made a big difference in my system and in three others I have heard.

As for the Auricle Encore, I have two of Mr. Mazzaglia's analog cables and I consider them very good value indeed. I have not heard his digital cable but I would certainly expect good things of it.