CDP – Cary 308, Consonance 120 or Cambridge 740?

My short list for a used CDP in the under $1,000 is down to the Cary 308, Consonance CD120 or Cambridge 740C. My other components tend to be fairly unforgiving (Rowland pre, Edge power & Theil 2.3 speakers), so I'm looking for warmth without sacrificing detail. As always, I'd value your input and opinions.
The tubed version of the Cary 308, i.e. the 308T, is excellent. They show up here occasionally for around $1000 and is a great CDP for that price.
I previously owned the Cary CD-308 and it was a good CD player. However, I wouldn't consider it particularly unforgiving. I consider it more neutral.

A good friend owns the Consonance CD120 Linear (the non-oversampling version of the CD120) and he really likes it (I haven't heard it). He's a huge analog fan and thinks the CD120 Linear is a good budget CD player that that meets the needs of a budget analog junkie...


Thanks for the input. I'm also an analog guy with approximately 2,000 LPs and a Linn TT. I know at this price point I'll never approach the sonic quality of my TT with a CDP, but in reviews these three players always surface as having qualities similar to analog.